Brighter By Design

The legerolighting team is a lot more than just LED lighting manufacturers. This business has now developed to include the most skilled craftsmen who are the driving force of what makes our products as distinguished as they are. Working in harmony as one cohesive unit. Legero manufacture, and sell lighting Solutions that we are downright proud of and Products that have kept our clients just as delighted.


Delphi LED lights offer extremely long life and energy efficiency, contemporary round High Bay design. It has exclusive lenses & toughened glass which are design to replace traditional High bays. Common driver in the housing provides the extra performance and unique feature to the product. Value for money- complying with all the technical industry standards,  Delphi offers high specification without shaking the budget.

Delphi high Bay Lights by legero
Industrial lighting by Legero led lighting manufacturer

Our Techniques in Health Care

LED-based dynamic lighting systems that are capable of adjusting the colour and intensity of the light. we help to make it possible by design & techniques as per industry standards. Be it for clinics, rehabilitation or care facilities, or practices of Doctors. Legerolighting offers you smart and intelligent lighting solutions for all application areas. As to LED Lighting Manufacturers, we concern more than merely the illumination of rooms. The right light creates a sense of well-being for patients and also doctors. Also enables care personnel to work with high levels of concentration.

Human Centric Lighting Technology (HCL)

A lighting concept that puts the focus on bringing the dynamics of natural daylight back into people’s everyday lives through biologically effective artificial lighting. Using tunable white LED lighting systems we can provide Human-centric lighting. Equipped with different types of LEDs dimmable LED drivers and controllers that To run sophisticated calibration in all the possible combinations. Experience the circadian rhythm affect the mood and improve performance throughout the day; as LED lighting manufacturer we toil for latest techniques.


  • Team Legero is an enthusiastic brand ready to help the Client with appropriate lighting solutions. Legero as a brand would be definitely considered for the upcoming Projects.

    Subhasis Biswas

    Pacific Development Corporation Ltd

  • Legero is one of the manufacturing companies who is focused on quality products and services. Quality products and services are the most important parameters for the success of any brand.

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