Our Story​

Established in 2009, LEGERO has had an incredible journey aiming at being the most sought after LED Lighting Brand in India.

Inspired by quality, our journey started a decade ago with the passion for providing superior quality within the client’s budget. We have always believed and envisioned working as LED Lighting Manufacturer which reflects in our range of products, developed for almost any given application. With a localized ecosystem, handpicked vendors, in-house research & testing, and indigenous manufacturing, we believe in being market leaders in lighting solutions both at the National and International platforms.

Our Philospy

Light is a precious entity that gives energy to everything in the natural world. People seek brightness in light and light works on people in a physiological and psychological way. Through an ergonomics approach, Legero Lightning seeks to create human-Centric lights for one’s mind. Beyond the light’s functional brightness, we create further values in comfort and calmness, as well as security and safety. To create a new relationship between “people” and “light”, Legero Lighting will continue its challenge.

Sophisticated Quality

Legero Lighting fully controls the light emitted from light devices, through its original reflector and lens design. We seek uniform and beautiful lights, with minimum energy loss. Furthermore, we thoroughly validate industrial standards. We not only comply with industry standards but also conduct internal standard tests in more rigorous perspectives. Legero Lighting products are long-lasting and secure. between “people” and “light”, Legero Lighting will continue its challenge.


Lighting is essential to our cultural life. However, lighting requires huge resources and has many issues relating to the global environment. As to LED Lighting Manufacturers Legero Lighting Creating better environments with fewer resources and energy. Pursues eco-friendly products through various activities. It contributes to sustain and improve global environments. There’s Less Energy Wastage with LED Lighting, Standard LED can be up to 80% more energy-efficient than conventional lights, and waste far less energy than other styles of lighting.


What Legero Lighting delivers is not just light equipment. We deliver “light ambience”. for example, Supermarkets require an ambience that promotes customers to visit corners in a lively store. On the other hand, Offices require an ambience that is comfortable and lets you focus. With our lighting technology cultivated for more than 10 years, Legero Lighting proposes the best lighting ambience to solve the customers’ various problems.

Product Variations

We have a wide range of LED products to provide the solution best suited for space  & requirments.

Lighting Consulting

We provide all important assistance to you in all phases of developing your lighting projects.

Lighting Simulation

Accurate simulation technique for unspecific “brightness” realizes the appropriate lighting plan.