Our Story​

Established in 2009, LEGERO has had an incredible journey aiming at being the most sought after LED Lighting Brand in India.

Inspired by quality, our journey started a decade ago with the passion for providing superior quality within the client’s budget. We have always believed and envisioned working as LED Lighting Manufacturer which reflects in our range of products, developed for almost any given application. With a localized ecosystem, handpicked vendors, in-house research & testing, and indigenous manufacturing, we believe in being market leaders in lighting solutions both at the National and International platforms.

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Vision | Mission | Values

Our vision

To be a globally recognized player that provides the finest products and services in lighting technology through continuous innovation delivering state of the art products.

Our Values

To act in a transprent, trustworthy manner that earns the respect of colleagues, customers and vendors.
Passion is the heart of our business.
Integrity is part of our culture.
We value diversity.
We put the customer first.
We care for the environment


To deliver the best lighting solutions that creates a long-lasting value for our customers.

Message from our Visionaries

Legero is on a journey of “Bringing Light to life”

Light has the power to transform a space, affect our mood, fulfill dreams, and bring people together. And we see this potential in a new way of creating illumination, in a way that makes a difference in the social and environmental scenario. Through our journey, we have come to discover that LED lighting could be seen as a symbol for the dawn of a new age in which technology is no longer used to create further distance between people but rather to provide better illumination and comfort in our lives. By building intelligent, connected, and futuristic lighting solutions, we want to make an impact where today’s lighting solutions are insufficient. We believe that it is possible to create a LED-based lighting environment that is sustainable and human-centric, where the relationship between customer and environment is symbiotic. In order to achieve this, we must create awareness through innovation and by exploring new ways of how we see light. It is our conviction that Legero’s approach to sustainability will be the first of its kind to make the leap from environmental consciousness to environmental action.

Sanjeev Bhayana

Founder & MD

Sankush Bhayana

Executive Director

Mahinder Khanna

Director Sales & Marketing

Our Pillars

the core of our business


Our products are a direct reflection of our company’s core values: beauty, functionality and simplicity. Our priority is to deliver excellent performance in beautiful designs that gives you with the finest customer experience.


No one has all the answers; our success depends on a culture of humility and perpetual learning. We pursue progress, evolution, and change. And we lead with passion and an open mind.


We thrive on exchange of ideas, openness, the sharing of knowledge and experiences, and a core readiness to take on new challenges. We believe in conducting honest and transparent business practices that earn the respect of colleagues, customers and vendors.


The Legero team is synonymous with excellence and boundless energy. We are a team of multitaskers always on the move, sharing one common goal of bringing light to life.


We enjoy local design expertise and a global reach. Our solutions are versatile and can meet the needs of
the customers from all corners of the world.

We are Made in India

Legero is proud to be a Made in India brand that contributes to the nation’s economy while creating a digitally empowered society. With R&D and manufacturing units in the country, we are able to provide tailor-made innovations to our customers. Our ISO certification demonstrates high quality level of manufacturing standards and we deliver cost-effective and environment friendly solutions that bring light to lives across the nation.

We are International

Legero has partnered with numerous customers around the world providing design and installation of complex and monumental lighting projects. Legero has successfully
brought light to lives around the world with over 5,000 lighting projects including IGI Airport New Delhi, Kathmandu Airport, Chandigarh Municipal Corporation,
Nepal Swimming Association, and many more. We have key partners in over 20 states supported by our offices in Noida and in Pune. Through regular up-gradation in
our products, advanced technology, and market-specific product design, we support our partners worldwide.

We are accredited

We are certified by ISO 9001:2015, which validates that our manufacturing processes have been vetted as compliant with the highest quality standards, making us a customer trusted brand in both national and international markets.

Our Structure and Facilities

We are a team of locally skilled craftsmen with a rigorous product validation process and QC standard to ensure the finest quality of the products. With updated machinery and equipment, it has eased achieving manufacturing efficiency.

The manufacturing plants are well-equipped with modern machinery for producing quality products. All the plants are ISO 9001: 2015, 14001: 2004, 18001: 2007 and ISO 45001 certified and perpetually upgraded to deliver quality outcomes and have an excellent safety record, making Legero the leader in this segment.

We are capable of executing projects of any scale with our current setup and bandwidth.

  • 50000 sq. ft. of built up manufacturing facility
  • Line and Ageing test to improve product performance
  • Updated machinery
  • In-house driver design & development setup
  • SMT machine for in house LED mounting
  • Tool designing Team for OEM working

We make lights that…


We make light that connects you with people and to the all new things that light up your world.


We make light that is designed to adapt your environment so that it reflects our care for your happiness and well-being.


We make light that evolves to make your visions come true by delivering value with innovation, integrity and trust.