Industrial LED Lighting


Parameters(a) LRO 080(b) LRO 100(b) LRO 120(c) LRO 150(c) LRO 200
Rated System Wattage80W100W120W150W200W
IP Rating, Electrical ClassIP66, Class IIP66, Class IIP66, Class IIP66, Class IIP66, Class I
Driver TypeHPF IsolatedHPF IsolatedHPF IsolatedHPF IsolatedHPF Isolated
Driver Efficiency≥ 90%≥ 90%≥ 90%≥ 90%≥ 90%
System Efficacy110/115 lm/W115/120 lm/W115/120 lm/W115/120 lm/W115/120 lm/W
CRI> 70> 70> 70> 70> 70
Beam Angle60°/90°60°/90°60°/90°60°/90°60°/90°

Product Overview

Product Overview
Elegant round Highbay luminaire design along with lenses & glasses is designed to replace traditional Highbays. The system delivers simple, point to point replacement with easy installation methods of hook, pendants and brackets. Unique matt finish powder coating gives alluring look to the fixture.


– Attractive disc shape design with aesthetic appeal.
– Energy saving of up to 70% compared to HID System.
– IP66, high Ingress protection against dust and moisture
– Multiple Mounting Including: Hook, Pendent and Brackets.
– High lumen efficacy.
– Comfortable light with low glare.
– Suitable for rough industrial application.

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