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Product Categories​

At Legero, we illuminate your life with a wide range of lighting solutions. Our products are
designed and manufactured in the most efficient way to serve all your needs.
Whether it’s revamping the lights at your home in order to improve your well-being or using
energy-efficient lighting products to enjoy a superior quality of luminescence at your
workspace, we have you covered for all your needs!



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  • Home/Indoor Lights
  • Outdoor Lights
  • Industrial Lights
  • Architectural Lights

Looking to give your house a setting that transforms your mood? Explore our wide range of LED lights to maintain the aesthetics of your home, while adding an alluring oomph to it at the same time.
Outdoor lighting plays a very essential role in the overall appearance of your space. When strategically done, outdoor lighting can give a whole new look to your facade and make your
porch, patio, landscape area more attractive. In order to elevate the look and feel of your space, browse our extensive range of outdoor lighting that is sure to impose a dramatic effect and create the exact look you desire.
When looking for the right LED solutions on a large scale level, cost and energy efficiency are vital factors to be kept in mind. With Legero’s wide range of LED lighting solutions tailor- made for industrial outputs, we create a new generation of low maintenance and energy saving lighting systems that enhances the quality, drives down cost and reduces carbon footprint.

Architectural lighting works to foster the spatial experience. Lighting can influence mood, texture, spatial awareness, Generally, lighting design should account for the specific type of action being illuminated; the amount of light provided, the color of the light, which may affect the optics for particular objects, such as works of art, and the overall, whole environment. Our latest range of products blends perfectly with modern architectural lighting concepts. Explore it all!

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